Why You Shouldn’t Let The Geek Squad Touch Your Apple Computer

Why You Shouldn’t Let The Geek Squad Touch Your Apple Computer

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t let the Geek Squad touch your Apple computer. When it comes to computer repair, the Geek Squad often appears as a popular choice. With their presence in Best Buy stores and claims of expertise, it’s understandable why people may turn to them for assistance. However, a closer examination of customer reviews and complaints reveals a troubling reality that raises concerns about their ability to properly handle Apple computers.

Why You Shouldn’t Let The Geek Squad Touch Your Apple Computer

In this article, we will delve into the reasons why you shouldn’t let the Geek Squad touch your Apple computer. We will explore the lack of professional requirements and training, disturbing confessions from a former Geek Squad agent, questionable work standards and practices, the Geek Squad’s handling of Apple products, a personal experience with the extended warranty repair process, efforts made to improve Geek Squad’s services, and the importance of trusting Apple-certified technicians for Apple device repairs.

The Troubling Reality of the Geek Squad

When it comes to computer repair, the Geek Squad is often perceived as a reliable option. However, customer reviews and complaints reveal a different story. Many individuals have expressed dissatisfaction with the Geek Squad’s services, raising concerns about their expertise and quality of work.

Lack of Professional Requirements and Training

Researching the requirements to become a Geek Squad Advanced Repair Agent reveals a concerning reality. Surprisingly, no computer certifications are mandated for these technicians. Not even the fundamental CompTIA A+ certification, which focuses on Windows computers, is required. This lack of professional requirements and training raises doubts about the Geek Squad’s ability to handle complex repairs and ensure customer satisfaction.

Disturbing Confessions from a Former Geek Squad Agent

A former Geek Squad agent has shed light on the troubling state of affairs within the organization. Confessions reveal a lack of fundamental troubleshooting skills among employees. Training materials were found to be inadequate, and individuals without prior computer experience were made to appear as technicians. This revelation highlights the potential incompetence and lack of expertise that customers may encounter when seeking assistance from the Geek Squad.

Questionable Work Standards & Practices. One more reason Why You Shouldn’t Let The Geek Squad Touch Your Apple Computer

The Geek Squad’s emphasis on selling services and warranties rather than completing repairs is concerning. Technicians are often pressured to focus on sales targets, diverting their attention from providing quality repair services. Furthermore, advancement opportunities within the Geek Squad department are limited, discouraging employees from further developing their skills and knowledge. Additionally, Geek Squad City, the repair center for complex tasks, has been reported to deliver subpar results, further undermining the credibility of Geek Squad’s work standards and practices. It was also proven that Geek Squad agents were hoarding and stealing customers’ personal photos and sharing them with each other.

The Geek Squad and Apple Products

Despite lacking certifications, Geek Squad technicians also offer repairs for Apple devices. This raises concerns about their ability to handle sensitive data and properly service Apple iMac and MacBook computers. Apple products have unique operating systems and hardware, requiring specialized knowledge and expertise. Without the necessary certifications and training, Geek Squad technicians may lack the skills and understanding to effectively diagnose and fix issues with Apple devices.

A Personal Experience: Extended Warranty Repair Process

A firsthand account highlights the frustrations and inadequacies of the Geek Squad’s extended warranty repair process. Delays in service, lack of communication, and failure to resolve issues raise doubts about their service quality. The personal experience reflects a common theme among customers who have encountered problems with the Geek Squad’s handling of extended warranty repairs.

Reaching Out to Best Buy Executives

Efforts were made to propose a separate division of Geek Squad. It focused on Apple repairs, prioritizing customer satisfaction, quality control, and technician certification. Unfortunately, Best Buy’s legal team dismissed the idea, leaving room for improvement untapped. This lack of response from Best Buy executives suggests a disregard for the concerns raised by customers. Also, the need for better services in the realm of Apple repairs. It is disheartening to see that the company did not take proactive steps to address these issues. They should want to enhance the expertise of their technicians.

Suggestions for Improving Geek Squad’s Apple Services

In light of the concerns surrounding Geek Squad’s handling of Apple repairs, it is crucial to explore potential solutions. One suggestion is to create a dedicated “Apple Squad” within the Geek Squad. This specialized team would consist of technicians who have undergone rigorous training and obtained Apple certifications. By focusing on Apple products specifically, this dedicated team could attract customers seeking reliable Apple repairs and elevate Best Buy’s reputation in the Apple repair market. Trustworthy service would encourage people to choose Best Buy over Apple Stores for their Apple device repairs.

Trust Apple-Certified Technicians for Apple Device Repairs

To ensure the best service and expertise for your Apple devices, it’s advisable to rely on Apple Stores or certified technicians who have proven their knowledge and dedication to customer satisfaction. Apple-certified technicians undergo rigorous training and certification processes directly from Apple. They possess the necessary skills and expertise to diagnose and repair Apple devices effectively. By choosing Apple-certified technicians, you can have confidence in their ability to handle your Apple computer with the care and precision it deserves.


While the Geek Squad may be a popular choice for computer repair services, it is important to consider the troubling reality behind their operations when it comes to Apple computers. The lack of professional requirements and training, disturbing confessions from a former Geek Squad agent, questionable work standards and practices, and the Geek Squad’s handling of Apple products all raise concerns about their ability to provide reliable and competent repair services. It is essential to prioritize customer satisfaction and quality control by seeking out Apple-certified technicians or relying on Apple Stores for Apple device repairs. By doing so, you can ensure that your valuable Apple computer receives the expertise and care it deserves.

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