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About Us

Ubermac was founded in Grand Rapids Michigan in January of 2005 under the original name Cobalt Computer Services.

We initially began as a primarily Windows PC repair company. Viruses were our main point of repair at the time. But in 2007 we began delving into Apple repair after moving the company to Jupiter, FL in 2009.

In October of 2010 we opened our first Florida brick & mortar storefront in Tequest, FL on US 1 next door to what used to be Brown’s Furniture (Now Crossfit). We then changed registered the DBA of Cobalt Computer Consulting (just because we thought it better described our services at the time.)

The first store was about 500 SQ Feet in size.

As we began to get business for Apple computer repair, we had several customers start to ask us to fix their iPhones, so the owner naturally began performing those repairs. Almost immediately we were offered the domain iPhoneFix.com from a friend who registered it years before and was no longer interested in using it. So we snatched it up and began our new adventure into marketing a side company of Cobalt for iPhone repair. It turns out that we were one of the very first iPhone repair businesses in South Florida at the time. But boy has that changed today! Now there seems to be an iphone “repair store” on every corner. We are proud to say that helped to pioneer the iPhone Repair industry. After all, we’ve been there from virtually the beginning!

Within 4 months our tiny store was so packed we had to have people wait outside. So we moved to The Shoppes Of Jupiter shopping center in Jupiter in February of 2011. We resided in Suite B1. This location was about 1000 SQ feet. We were in that location for about 3 years.

Then in the summer of 2013, we moved down the shopping center to Suite E2, next door to Staples. This is where we plan on staying. This is headquarters. This is home.

In the fall of 2016, we decided that we wanted to take our our 2 companies, both iPhoneFix.com and Cobalt Computer Consulting, and consolidate them into one single entity with all of the great services that we offer, and to consolidate them into a more recognizable brand, and to do this the owner decided that rebranding to the name Ubermac was the next goal.

In October of 2018, Ubermac relocated to the Driftwood Plaza in Jupiter at 2149 S. US Highway 1, Jupiter, FL 33477.

In February of 2020, we again moved our location, this time to the Inlet Plaza in Tequesta at 1548 N US Highway 1, Suite 103, Jupiter, FL 33469. This move was mainly made due to the US 1 bridge in Tequesta being scheduled to be closed for reconstruction for 3 to 4 years starting in the Summer of 2021. (To raise it 10 feet in height).


So……why the name Ubermac? Well, let us explain. The word Uber is derived from the German language for one, and we love German engineering and quality. Second, the word Uber means many things, and some definitions state that Uber means “above all”, “the top of” and “the best of something”. Now, don’t get us wrong, we aren’t trying to say that we are the best at what we do, but man, we’re up there.

All of us at Ubermac have standards at or above anyone that we’ve seen in our industry, and we are very proud of that.

In fact, the owner of Ubermac himself holds multiple Apple Certifications, and many of our employees are also Apple Certified Technicians as well. At Ubermac, we encourage, and even pay for our technicians first certification exam. We hand pick and train only our technicians in house, an the owner is, to this day, always onsite and hands on with all repairs.

If you have questions, concerns, or even a suggestion, please feel free to send us a message in the “Contact” link, or send us snail mail at the address below. Thanks.