For a year now, whenever I type the word “Apple” into my Safari browser bar and hit enter, I would end up at Finally, tonight, I got mad enough to take time out of my night to fix this once and for all.

Now, you’d think that being an Apple Certified technician and all, and the fact that I help people with problems like this all day every day, that I’d be able to figure this out in no time. Well let me tell you something.


I just spent a good, solid, 45 minutes googling how to remove or disable the “top hit” feature in Safari. You’d think it would be one of the options that you uncheck or disable in Safari preferences. Well trust me, I did ALL of that. Disabled autofill options, search options, deleted history, removed said bookmark, rebooted Safari, to no avail. And like your typical internet help sites, everyone and their mom had the solution. A lot of your typical “Oh just go here and do this and it’ll fix it”, and the old “Just remove the bookmark and WALLAH! It’s fixed!”.

Again. Nope.

And although some of the above suggestions may work for some people, they did not work for my situation.

So let me word my overall solution to this problem like this……

OK internet, this is what worked for me:

Current Machine and browser – 21″ iMac 2014 running MacOS Sierra 10.12
Safari Version: Version 10.0 (12602.

  1. Open Finder
  2. In the top menu bar select “Go”
  3. Hold the “Control” or “CTRL” key on your keyboard and choose “Library”. If that doesn’t work, Select “Go” and then at the bottom of that menu choose “Go To Folder” and paster this there and hit enter. ~/Library/Safari
  4. Now look for the History.db file. (In El Capitan and older OS’s, this will be called History.plist)
  5. Drag that file to the trash.
  6. Reboot Safari and test you search again to see if it’s fixed. Hopefully it is, because this was the fix for me.

Let me know if this worked for you. Hope it helps!

Update: After deleting the History.db file, I went back to, then typed apple in my Safari search bar and it did the same thing again. Only this time, when I cleared my history it fixed the issue. So this may all be related to a hanky, messed up history.db file. Let me know your thoughts.