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Apple Lessons, Classes & Tutoring
iFor iMac, MacBook, iPhone & iPad
 Apple Certified Technicians
 Apple Certified Technicians
Apple Lessons, Classes & Tutoring
Apple Lessons, Classes & Tutoring
Private Apple Lessons

With your private, Apple Certified instructor, you can be comfortable asking us any question at all, no matter how silly you might think it is.

Tutoring. Training. Instruction.

Did you know that the Apple Store no longer offers their one-to-one program for lessons specific to just you? Well, we do that.

Lessons For Seniors

At Ubermac, we have the time and patience to teach anyone how to enjoy the use of their iPad, iPhone, MacBook or other Apple products.

One-on-One Private Apple Computer Lessons

We specialize in lessons, training, and educating on Apple products.

At Ubermac, we are one of the only companies that we know of that specializes in lessons, training, tutoring, and educating people on how to better use their Apple computers & devices like iMac, Macbook, iPad & iPhone. In addition, our private one-on-one lessons are tailored specifically to each user’s requests and needs. We have the patience and time to do this, as we have been teaching clients in the Jupiter area for over 13 years. Furthermore, we have the ability to work with clients across the globe.

  • Ubermac offers private One-on-One Lessons in our store or at your home, or online via remote connection.

  • Seniors: We specialize in teaching and educating seniors.

  • Our private lessons are tailored in real time, specifically to you and your needs.

Jason Roberts – Ubermac

Apple Certified Support Professional

Apple Certified iOS Technician

Apple Certified Macintosh Technician

Fun Fact: Ubermac was Founded in 2005

iPhone, iPad & Apple Computer Lessons Tailored To YOU.

What is iCloud and What Can You Use It For?

What Is iCloud?

What is iCloud, and how does it work? Click the button below to find out more.

How to Manage Your Passwords

How To Manage Passwords

We have some very good advice on how to better manage your passwords.

Simple ways to get rid of spam emails

How To Spot Email Scams

Stay a step ahead of scammers by knowing how to spot fake emails.

How To Organize Your iPhone Photos

Apple Photos Organization

We can teach you how to organize your photos, save favorites, and create albums & books.

We also repair Apple Computers & Devices too.

If your iMac or Macbook is slow or has a spinning colored “beach ball”, it’s usually a sign of a failing hard drive. We can save your data and repair the issue. Give us a call.

A One-Of-A-Kind Business Model

Why Ubermac?

Did you know that The Apple Store no longer offers it’s “One To One” program? That’s right. Back in 2015, Apple discontinued and phased out the option to purchase or participate in that program.

Luckily, by that point, Ubermac had already been teaching and providing Apple computer lessons in Jupiter, FL since 2009. And now here we are in 2023, and we still are one of the only companies that we know of that provides an exclusive, specialized service like this.

Apple computer lessons in Jupiter FL
Apple Certified Technicians

Your teacher will not only be Apple Certified but also has real-world solution for your problems.

Apple Store. No More.

If you need help or a lesson, there is no need for you to have to go to that “store in the mall”.  Life is short.

Lessons You’ll Understand

At Ubermac, we don’t try to impress you with big nerdy words. It’s important to us that you understand what you are learning.

We do other stuff too…..

Below are some more services that we offer

Sure, private lessons and teaching people how to use their Apple products is the main thing we do here at Ubermac, but we do a lot of other cool stuff too. For instance, did you know that we repair Apple computers and iPhones as well? Or the fact that we can come to your home and set up your wireless network of printers? Check out a few of our other services below, or give us a call.

Sweets & Desserts
Home Visits
Chinese Food
Remote Computer Help
Barbecue Items
iPhone Repair
Salads Collections
iPhone Lessons
The Royal Food
iPad Lessons
Hot & Cold Drinks
Wireless Network Setup
Hot & Cold Drinks
Printer Help
Hot & Cold Drinks
iMac Computer Repair
Hot & Cold Drinks
MacBook Computer Repair

A One-Of-A-Kind Business Model

What Our Clients Say

“Patience and easy-to-comprehend explanations.”

Jason and his highly trained, professional staff at Ubermac have made my personal and professional computer life more understandable and easy to manage thanks to their technical expertise, patience, and easy-to-comprehend explanations. As the Mayor of Jupiter Inlet Colony, he has become a valuable resource to me and my staff.

Dr. Dan Comerford

Mayor Of Jupiter Inlet Colony

“Jason explained to me that it wasn’t a virus. They are so honest!”

I got hit with a virus the other day that said I need to call a number and pay them to remove it. I brought it to Ubermac and Jason explained to me that it wasn’t a virus but that he’d get rid of it and tell me how I got it and how to avoid it in the future so that I don’t have to keep paying him. They are so honest at Ubermac!


 Apple Consultants Network Review

“They earned a customer for life. They are amazing!”

Amazing. I dropped my computer off and found that that the logic board was defective. Since new parts were not available, he dropped it off at Apple for me, which managed to not only get me new parts and a warranty but also saved me a TON of money. It is very rare for a company to go so far above and beyond. They earned a customer for life.

Garrett M.

Google Review

“He is thorough in his work, consistent, and provides great customer service.”

Whether I am in the store for tutoring or had him in my home to troubleshoot wireless networking issues, Jason is consistently on top of his game. Not only is he knowledgeable about Apple products, but he also has a depth of computer knowledge that is noteworthy. He is thorough in his work, consistent, and provides great customer service. I highly recommend him.


 Apple Consultants Network Review

“Made me feel like I was getting the best service, not just the runaround.”

A fantastic business with exceptional customer service. I did the worst thing ever to my new MacBook Pro- spilled coffee on it, and Jason (owner) talked to me over the phone and I decided to bring it in vs. go the the Apple store. Although my computer was dead, Jason’s amiable nature made me feel like I was getting the best service and not just the runaround.

Carol B.

Yelp Review

“He explained all scenarios in detail. 10 stars for Ubermac!”

10 Stars for UberMac. I took my son to Jason for an iPhone problem. He explained, in detail, the possible scenario’s that could go right or wrong if we proceeded. His explanation gave us the information we needed to make an educated decision.  We did proceed, and it all worked out great, and for a fraction of the cost it would have cost to take it to the Apple Store!

Constance L.

Yelp Review

Ubermac – Serving Jupiter Since 2010

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