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UberMac HumanShield™ For Mac – Apple Computer Monthly Maintenance Plans

  • $35 Per Month
  • Malware / Virus Scan & Removal
  • Full System Optimization
  • Hard Drive Health Scan
  • Adobe Flash Updates & Installation
  • Hard Drive Space Check
  • Apple Time Machine Backups Check
  • Visual / Manual Technician Malicious Browser Plug-in check

UberMac HumanShield™ For Mac – Apple Computer Monthly Maintenance Plans

Worried about viruses & malware on your computer? Our UberMac HumanShield™ For Mac – Apple Computer Monthly Maintenance Plans are perfect for the client that wants to know for sure that they are working on a clean, safe iMac or MacBook computer that will be protected from viruses & Malware. Your Apple computer will also be optimized, scanned & cleaned every single month by an Apple Certified Technician. And it doesn’t matter if you live near, or far.

This service was created from scratch when we noticed a huge gap in an area of customer service that was greatly needed. UberMac HumanShield™ is a one of a kind Apple computer maintenance package. No one offers anything like our product, and we know, because we researched. Extensively.

When you pick one of the above maintenance plans, one of UberMac’s Apple Certified Technicians, (Yes, an actual human) will log into your Apple iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air at a predetermined time, and we will run scans and maintenance to keep your computer running fast, and free of viruses & Malware or other infections & annoyances. We will also check your hard drive, hard drive space & usage and internet speed, as well as leave detailed suggestions related to any issues that we find, and how to correct them.

The Big Difference

The big difference between our UberMac HumanShield™ Monthly Maintenance Plans, and automated software programs like PCMatic, is that UberMac’s HumanShield™ service is not a software package. It’s an actual Apple Certified Technician, a human, that actually logs into your Mac and performs these tasks on your computer on a monthly basis. Human eyes and troubleshooting skills are far better than “hoping” that your maintenance software has done its job. Often, even malware scanning software will remove the majority of malware, but we at UberMac often see and notice leftover instances that only a seasoned technician would notice.

At the end of our session, we will leave a report open so that you can see what we did, and what needs to be addressed, if anything at all. It is easy to read and understand too.

And there is an additional plus side to this service. Once our remote login software is on your computer, you can request “Quick Support” sessions for help from us at any time and email us with issues or questions. This way, when you need us, we can get right into your computer at a moments notice to assist you.

It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. Join our many other UberMac clients and subscribe to one of our UberMac HumanShield™ For Mac – Apple Computer Monthly Maintenance Plans. Give us a call at 561.623.0533