Sonos & Nest – Sonos Wireless Speakers & Nest Security Camera Systems

UberMac recommends, supports and sells Sonos wireless speaker systems and Nest Security cameras.

We only sell or offer products that we know are of the highest quality. Products that are easy to understand, relatable, and that just plain work. Products that we have thoroughly tested.

Sonos Wireless Speaker Systems

With sound comparable to that of Bose speakers, and accompanied by awesome wireless technology, Sonos was the first wireless speaker company to do it right. We sell and support the Sonos Play 1, Play 3, Play 5, Player, Sub, Connect Amp, and every other Sonos product.

Even if you just need Sonos setup or support for troubleshooting, please give us a call, we’re sure we can fix your issues.

Sonos Sales and Support Jupiter, FL
Nest Camera Sales & Support Jupiter, FL

Nest Security Cameras

UberMac chooses to recommend and support Nest security cameras. With ultra high definition video, and packed with a took of features, Nest cams have been tested by us, and we pretty much swear by them. There are many camera on the market these days, but these are the best that we’ve tested.

We sell and support these cameras at our Jupiter, FL location. So please call us at 561-623-0533 or stop in for a demonstration.