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Home Audio Video Sales & Installation in Jupiter, FL.

Simple, easy to understand Home Audio Video systems & Home Theaters. Home Theater Audio Video Sales & Installation in Jupiter, FL.

At Ubermac, we don’t sell or install complicated, elaborate home theater systems. We want our clients to actually be able to use and enjoy their home theater experience without being intimidated by their system. In fact, we actually help to dial back your whole home theater system to a simple, easy to use, and easy to understand one. One that you will actually want to use. And that’s where our Home Theater Audio Video Sales & Installation comes in.

We have many clients with large custom homes that were sold a very elaborate system with their home. Some of these systems have names like Crestron, Savant, and Control 4. All of these systems are great for the home owner that knows how to fully use them. But many of us just want to turn on the TV and watch a show or movie without trying to figure out how to get simple tasks to work.

That’s where we at Ubermac come in.

What we offer is “simplicity”.

So, how do we achieve “simplicity”? Well, after assessing your system and your particular wants and needs, we will see if we can convert your viewing areas to a of a very simple, easy to use, brass tacks home theater system, using high quality products from Samsung, Sonos and the like.

We will leave your current system in tact, but separate each television viewing area or home theater area to its own dedicated space, so that it is converted into an easy to understand viewing area.

We then provide you with either a simple, dedicated remote control for that area, or in most cases, we can simply program your Xfinity, AT&T or DirecTV remote to handle your needs in that area.

Give us a call to set up a basic consultation to see if one of our systems is right for you.

As Apple Certified Technicians, we can help to tie in your home tech with your home entertainment experience.

We sell and support Samsung TV’s, Sonos Audio & Speaker systems, Google Nest products, Ring doorbells and products. We can also install your wireless network and tie everything in your home together for you.

We also install home security camera systems and help with basic home automation. We sell and support Google Nest cameras and other products.

Additionally, we sell and install Philips Hue Color and ambience lights.

So for Home Theater sales and installation in Jupiter, FL, Tequesta, FL, Jupiter Island, FL, Hobe Sound, FL and other surrounding areas, please give us a call for an estimate.