Why UberMac?

UberMac is different. UberMac has a level of customer service that is above and beyond anyone in the industry.

UberMac Franchising

Apple Store Palm Beach Gardens, FL UberMac Jupiter, FL

UberMac is a one of a kind, very unique business model. While other franchises in the technology sector focus on iPhone repair, or computer sales, UberMac has 4 very successful revenue streams. We are also the only franchise that we know of that requires an Apple Certified Technician to be in each and every location at all times. We’ve set the standard in quality and integrity.

UberMac is like an iPhone repair company franchise, but much, much more. We are really a lot more like an Apple store than an iPhone repair store.

Do you want to be a part of a one of a kind business model in a massively growing industry? Then you should join us by opening your own UberMac franchise location!

UberMac franchises are perfect for Apple computer techies and problem solvers. There are multiple revenue streams with UberMac too.

If you’re interested in an UberMac Franchise location or territory, or have more questions, please contact our Franchise Director at 561-320-2036, or contact us by filling out the contact form.

Who We Want As An UberMac Franchise Owner

So you want to open your own UberMac Store. You’ve done your research, and you’ve found the ideal industry for you to invest in and/or work in. Now let us tell you what we’re looking for in an UberMac owner.


  • Investment capital + a little extra. (Money.)
  • A love for all Apple products, software & technology in general.
  • A personal want and  need to want to be the best at what you do.
  • Standards and ethics that unparalleled in our industry.
  • Honesty & integrity in the job you do, and for the UberMac customers.
  • Enjoyment for troubleshooting, problem solving, and making people happy.
  • Someone who will be proud & excited to be part of the UberMac brand model.

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