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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Ubermac General Questions

A: Many of our technicians, if not all, are Apple Certified Technicians. And that means that our company and our technicians cares enough to go through the process and expense of becoming Apple Certified. (And yes, our techs are the best ; )) Many of our techs actually even hold multiple other Apple certifications.

Ubermac actually has a certification program that encourages all of our techs to become Apple Certified.

A: Of course. We will match a competitors price as long as the following conditions are followed.
– They have to be a brick and mortar store. Meaning, they can’t be working out of their house or doing repairs from their car.
– They have to be within a 10 mile radius of our store.
– They have to have the price of the repair listed on their website. Phone calls to verify price are not valid, as they can change the price on a whim.

If all of those are met, we will happily match that price. However, (legal jargon), we reserve the right to refuse to match any price that is below our actual cost of the part needed for the repair. But we’ve never turned anyone away yet!

A: At Ubermac, for the first 6 years, we only used the highest quality parts, or OEM whenever we could locate them. We refused to skimp on the price of our parts for profit. We still believe in high quality and customer satisfaction. However, we only recently switched to occasionally using refurbished LCD’s for iPhone repairs because everyone else in the industry has, including our suppliers. Many of our competitors adopted refurbished screen repairs years ago, but we held off as long as we could. In order to keep our prices on par with our competition, we have recently gone with the understanding that all iPhone repair facilities are using refurbished LCD’s today. However, at your request, we will still order the best quality NEW part for your repair upon request.

All parts used for all other repairs are always new and of the highest quality possible. Most are OEM.

A: The short answer to that is, we just enjoy working on Apple products more than anything else. But there is another reason. We believe that to be the best at what we do (repairing Apple products), that we need to focus only on those select products. That’s just the way we run our company, and that’s why we are so good at what we do.

Another reason is that, if we start fixing things like Tv’s and toasters and game consoles, that would make us an electronics repair company. And we’re not an electronics repair company. We are an Apple computer and device repair company. That’s why we are the best at what you do.

A: We built it, and we handle all of the SEO in house. Always have. Thanks!

Apple Computer Repair Questions

That depends, but here are the short answers. (These answers reflect from the time we receive the part, or if we have that part in stock.)

Hard drive repair / replacement: 4 – 6 hours (Possibly the same day.)
Hard drive repair / replacement, with data transfer: 1 day (on average)
LCD replacement: 4 – 6 hours
Battery replacement: 1 – 2 hours
Logic board replacement: 2 days
Logic board repair / replacement: 3 days – 1 week

Privacy Policy – Protecting You and Your Data

As the owner of Ubermac, I take your privacy very seriously. My company, and myself, personally, are happy to sign NDA’s (Non-Disclose Agreements) without hesitation, for your peace of mind and protection, per the client’s request. Additionally, we have advanced security standards in place that protect your computers, mobile devices, and  data, secure in the case of a break in or robbery at our physical business location. Not only are we fully insured, we have spent a great amount of time and money fortifying our location against theft and break-ins.

Please feel free to call for more information.