Well, well, well……remember when the FBI said “Oh please Apple, just unlock this iPhone. JUST THIS ONE iPHONE.” That’s all we want and we’ll never ask again.”.
And now look what is happening. The FBI is going on a feeding frenzy with their new trick, opening yet another iPhone. And this won’t be the last. I told everyone that I know that this would happen.
For many people, this subject is a tough one. I mean, who do you side with? These were terrorists that killed Americans. And I get that. But on the other side, as a whole, I side with Apple. Why? Because this is about personal protection for us all. The government has their hands in enough of our privacy as it is.
It has been reported, that the private sector is about 5 years ahead of the public sector (US Government) as far as technology and security go, and that to me, is sad. We pay all of these taxes, and you mean to tell me that our our own government, “the best” in the world, doesn’t have awesome James Bond like capabilities to crack technology?
That scares me.
THEY (the Government) should be 5 years ahead of the private sector, shouldn’t they?
The company that assisted in this procedure is an Israeli company called Cellabrite. I have been aware of this company for at least 6 years, and I, myself, have actually cracked a 4 digit iPhone password with their software back on iOS 5 on an iPhone 4s.
As soon as I heard that the FBI was using an outside source to crack the iPhone, one name came to mind right away.
I had a client who works for a corporation that develops software for the iPhone, and he was given a 6 month trial of Cellabrite. It was protected on a dongle, and after testing it and watching it crack the iPhone’s security code, I was amazed. I called to lease the software to help my customers crack lost codes on their own iPhones.
I was informed that the software could be leased for $13,000.00 per month. This was clearly way too much for my needs, but I was also informed that only government and law enforcement , agencies currently lease the software.
So basically, I guess I am for the Government cracking into an iPhone for national security, but only if they, themselves, already possess the knowledge and the means to do so.