UberMac Apple Store Jupiter, FL

Lately, with the temporary closing of the Apple Store in the Palm Beach Gardens Mall, we have had an influx of customer traffic and phone calls. We’d like to address an issue that we are starting to see within this situation.

It seems that a good amount of new customers think that we at UberMac are the Apple Store, when in fact (and we think we have been more than transparent about this fact), we at UberMac are not the Apple Store. We are a privately owned company that was created locally, and that employs Apple Certified Technicians. So although Apple customers are used to being helped for free at the Apple Store, or used to having repairs made for free under an Apple Warranty, we unfortunately need to charge a fee for these services to stay in business.

Alternatively, customers that want or need in warranty repairs for their Apple computers or devices can locate an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) on Google.

However, we want all Apple customers to be aware that we do have a policy that allows for us to assist anyone that walks into our Jupiter, FL store location for up to 5 minutes for free. This is a per person, per day policy, but we have been offering that free help for over 7 years. And if in that 5 minutes of free help we decide that it will take longer, we then give the customer the option to sit down with one of our Apple Certified Technicians for our in store fee, or advise them that they can get further help for free at the Apple Store.

Our Rates

Our in store hourly rates are $99 per hour. If you are a walk in customer needing help and we have gone past our 5 minutes of complimentary free help, we then allow a private sit down session in 15 minute intervals at approximately $25 per 15 minute session.

To call and book an in store private one-on-one lesson, we have a 1/2 hour minimum at $49 per half hour.

To book one of our Apple Certified Technicians to come to your home or business, we have a 1 hour minimum rate of $139 per hour. We do not travel more than 10 miles from our store location.

Apple Computer, iPhone and iPad repairs vary widely in price, so please check our website for current repair prices, or call our store for more information.

We really hope that our customers understand why we have to charge for our services. We want to be able to continue to grow so that we can help those customers that want a good solid alternative to the Apple Store.