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Apple Malware & Virus Removal

Do Apple Computers get viruses? Well, for the most part, we will say no. They really, generally don’t. But they DO get malware. That’s why we offer Apple Malware & Virus Removal.

Can they get viruses? Yes.

Do we see Macs with viruses on them? Well, no. We have seen maybe 2 or 3 macs ever come through our store with an actual Apple Computer virus. However, in the last few years, we have seen a huge increase in Malware (Malicious Software), that the user (You) actually install by accident.

This software attaches itself to what you think is legitimate software that you are installing. And the average user isn’t going to notice it during installation. You have to be very aware of what is going on at all times, and even then, it can sneak by. All you can really do is make sure that the website that you are downloading the software from is a well known, legitimate website, and read every screen during the installation of your software. many times there will be very small text with a check box in the corner of one of those screens to opt our of the extra / malicious software. So be on your guard.

The other thing that we are seeing more and more of lately are pop up windows warning you that you are infected, and they are asking for you to call a number for help. NEVER call these numbers. It is a scam. We know that you feel helpless at the time and don’t know what to do, but if you know us, new can get your computer cleaned out and back on track in no time.

Apple iMac, MacBook Pro, Macbook Air & Mac Mini computers don’t really get actual viruses very often. But they do get Malware. So let our Apple Certified Technicians scan your computer and get your system clean and back to normal for you.

Give us a call at 561.623.0533 if you need any help at all.