Apple Store in Palm Beach Gardens Mall (& Worldwide) Closing Temporarily

Because of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, Apple announced yesterday that it would be closing all of its stores worldwide to help reduce the chances of the spread of the virus. We at UberMac have done the same to protect our employees and the public as well. This means that we are currently not taking walk in repairs or consulting sessions in person for the time being.

However, we have been logging into our clients computers and offering remote Apple computer help and assistance for more than 15 years now. And now is the perfect opportunity for us to once again let everyone know that we are still here & ready to help, even though we aren’t conducting in person visits for the time being.

We have created a new landing page on our website, with very simple instructions on how to get help and support for your Apple computer, iPhone or iPad, while we all try to get through the current situation. We suspect more and more businesses will soon be following suit and be closing as well.

So we decided to ramp up our efforts to be able to support any and all Apple customers via remote support with our Teamviewer software. Just follow this link, or give us a call at 561.320.4564 for help on getting support for your computer or device. We can now log into your iPhone or iPad as well.

While we all try to get through this pandemic, we are still here for you when you need us. Stay safe everyone.