Apple Phone Call Scams: What To Do When They Call

First thing’s first.

Apple will NEVER call you. Not unless you have initiated contact with them first. 

This scam is becoming a HUGE problem. We need to educate all of you, and you need to pass the word on and educate all of your friends.

So please read below to educate yourself on WHY & HOW these call happen, and how to beat the bad guys and stay safe.

  • If your iPhone or home phone rings and it says Apple or AppleCare, just assume it is a scam. The reason this is able to happen is because of a technology called “Caller ID Spoofing”. Even I, myself can do this. So be weary if this happens again.
  • If the person calling has an “indian accent”, you can almost always assume it is a scam as well. (Sorry folks. It just seems to be a fact at this point”.)
  • If anyone that calls you on the phone, EVER asks you to go get iTunes Gift cards, or any other gift card as form of payment for anything, IT IS A SCAM.
  • If anyone that calls you on the phone, EVER asks you to go to Western Union or to send them money through a service like this, IT IS MOST LIKELY A SCAM.
  • If you ever get a pop up out of nowhere on your computer or iPad with loud sirens, loud buzzing or loud noises and says that you have a virus or errors, IT IS A SCAM. Do NOT call any phone numbers shown on your screen to ask for help. Call us instead at 561-320-4564.

We are here to protect you. Please call or text us if you ever have any questions or concerns.