MTech Repair In Jupiter Is Closed

Now that MTech repair has closed it’s doors in Jupiter, FL in the Chasewood Plaza, we wanted to remind you that after over 10 years in the Jupiter area, UberMac is still here.

UberMac in Jupiter, FL was the first iPhone repair company in the Jupiter area for the first 3 years from inception of the idea to open an iPhone repair facility. And we are still here, fixing and repairing iPhone, iPads and Apple computers and other devices. We have been fixing & repairing cracked glass screens, broken LCD’s for a very long time now.

But Uber Mac is different from all of those other iPhone repair stores.

You see, we are not an “iPhone repair store”. We are much more like an Apple store, but without the raging upset customers. Without the congestion, wait, and long lines. Without any condescending technicians or “Geniuses”. Although we at UberMac love Apple, it’s concepts, ideas and products, we don’t agree with everything that goes on at the Apple Store. So we set out to give you the same experience, but without all of the thing that annoy you about going to the Apple store. And then we took those things and took a look at all of the “iPhone repair stores” in south Florida, and then decided to fix those things as well.

And that’s where you get us. UberMac.

A much more inviting experience. From the second that you walk in you’ll notice that we are the opposite of an “iPhone repair store”. Our reception area and consulting studio is elegant and professional.

We employ Apple Certified Technicians, and some of our employees even used to work at the Apple Store. We have the very highest standards in our repair process & customer satisfaction.

So now that MTech repair has closed it’s doors, you’ll need a new place to come and have your Apple products. iPhones & iPads repaired. Why not come to the original. UberMac is one of the only repair & consulting companies around that focuses solely on Apple products, consulting and repair. Come visit us at our new location at in the Driftwood Plaza at 2149 S US Highway 1, Jupiter, FL 33477. You can call us at 561-623-0533 too. Some of our neighbors are Chowder Heads, Buonasera Restaurant, Hot Yoga & more.

Mention this blog post for a $10 discount! Hope to see you soon.

MTech Repair In Jupiter Is Closed

2149 S US Highway 1
Jupiter, FL 33477

(561) 623.0533

Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 2pm
Sunday: Closed