If you have MacKeeper, you have malware.

Please look at the picture below. This cute little robot is not so cute at all. In fact, it is malicious software (or malware). It does not help you. It lies to you and says it will clean your Mac, when in fact it slows it down to a snails pace, and constantly tells you that you have errors or infections, and that you need to purchase the software to remove them. Don’t. If you see it, run from it. Do not buy it. And you should probably call us if you have it so that we can help you remove it.

Mackeeper normally gets onto your computer by you unknowingly installing it. That’s right. You kind of allowed it onto your computer.

But how did it get there?
90% of the time it gets into your computer by the user (that’s you), following a link from a pop-up or notice that says that they need to “Update Your Adobe Flash Player”. But little did you know that the link you just followed, and the Adobe Flash Player update that you just downloaded, was a fake, compromised, malicious version of Flash Player. So when you click to install it, you not only get a bad version of Flash Player that usually won’t even install, but you Get MacKeeper, MegaDownload, and other malicious software that has installed itself in your computer.

How to know if you have malware like this installed on your computer right now.
1. The MacKeeper Robot Head Icon: Look at the picture below, and notice the little “robot head” icon that I have highlighted in blue. If you look in the upper right corner area of your “menu bar” located at the top of your Mac (this is the bar with the time, clock or Wifi icon in it), see if you have this icon. If you do, then you have bad software on your Mac, and that’s probably why it’s been running so slow lately.

2. Constant Pop-up windows that warn you that you have “Issues” or “Errors”. This is an obvious sign of infection. Look at the picture below. This is purely a scare tactic that malware like MacKeeper uses. It is constantly trying to tell you that you have problems, and tries to scare you into buying their software to fix the issues. But buying the software doesn’t fix the errors, because the errors they are reporting to you are fake. Never trust anything that is warning you in red, or that overly uses exclamation marks.

3. You can’t uninstall the software. The number one way that I discovered that MacKeeper was malware, was when I wasn’t able to uninstall it, even with their own uninstaller that they provided me from their website. That was a telltale sign. MacKeeper doesn’t want you to be able to get rid of it, because if you do, you’ll forget about them, and they lose money.

4. Oh no! But I paid for MacKeeper already. What now! Most likely your credit card is still safe, but I would recommend that you call and dispute the charge right away and get your money back in our opinion. But either way, if you take our advice on MacKeeper, it’s money lost because we still recommend getting rid of it altogether.

5. How do I get rid of it then? Generally you can use a program like Malwarebytes to get rid of MacKeeper, but most of the time it will leave behind malicious Safari web browser extensions that will still wreak havoc by re-directing your web searches to bad website sites or bad URL’s.

6. Give us a call. Sometimes it’s better to have a professional take an overall look at your system to make sure it’s safe. After an infection like this, maybe give us a call and have us do a full sweep of your Mac. Then we’ll even leave the software on your computer so that next time this happens, you can save some money by not having to pay us over and over again for another malware / virus removal. But if you need us, we’re always here.

An UberMac Store Closing News Update
Hey everyone. I want to thank you all for all of the concern and support you have all shown for myself, the employees and the store.

I want to again make it clear that we are NOT going out of business. Most of you seem to understand this, but there are a lingering few that still don’t fully understand, so please pass the good news along for us that we will continue to do all that we do for a very, very long time to come. We are simply closing the store, not closing the business.

In my last update, I had mentioned that I will continue to do business from this physical store location until September 30, 2018. After that, I will either move to a small office close by, or I may just work from my home office, but I haven’t made a final decision yet. As soon as I do I will be sure to inform all of you on what my decision is.

Regardless of what I decide as far as a physical location to work from goes, I will continue to do my Apple computer consulting, home visits, Apple computer repairs, & remote computer login help sessions.

So again, thanks for all of the awesome feedback, and I will have another UberMac update in the next newsletter.

Feel free to forward this newsletter to your friends. They can even sign up by clicking there sign up button at the bottom now. Take care everyone.

– Jason