Why You Should Buy A Used Or Refurbished iMac Or MacBook From UberMac.

Well, the first thing that you should know about UberMac, is that we are not a sales driven company. We are a service & customer satisfaction driven company. So you will never feel like you are being “sold” a product at our company. We have always let our products, accessories and computers sell themselves.

The last thing anyone wants is to be followed around and hovered over while they are simply browsing.

In fact we’d like to offer full disclosure here. We never wanted to sell computers in the first place. In fact, we didn’t stock or sell computers on a regular basis until October of 2016. And the reason we didn’t is because, as I stated above, we just don’t want to be thought of as a “sales” based company. That is not what we do at UberMac.

But as the requests grew from our customers and clients, we decided to give it a shot, and so far, it had been very successful, and definitely fits our business model. It’s turned into another avenue where it serves the customer. And they appreciate it. So it works, and we have decided to continue with it. We now stock over 20 Apple computers at all times.

Now. The big question. Why buy a computer from UberMac?

Well first you have to ask yourself a few questions to find out if buying a used or refurbished computer is the right decision for you, or if purchasing a brand new iMac or MacBook with an Apple factory warranty is the better choice for you.

So who exactly is the right customer for as used Mac? Well, first and foremost, it should be the person who does not want to, or cannot afford to pay full price for a brand new Apple computer. This is where the choice of a gently used, tested and certified computer from UberMac may be the best choice for you. After all, all of our computers come with an UberMac Certified 90 Day Warranty, so if anything goes wrong, we’ve got your back.

Q: Why wouldn’t I just buy a used MacBook from eBay? Why give UberMac my money?
A: Good question. Here’s why. We have secured sources from where we purchase our used Apple computers. So we know what we’re getting before it goes out for sale on our showroom floor. We test, open, clean, inspect & certify all UberMac computers at time of arrival. If anything is questionable, or if the computer has dents, scratches or dings in it, we ship it back because we only try to offer the best of the best, and near new condition looking computers.

And let’s talk about buying Apple computers from eBay, and some of the things that you will have to deal with. The biggest problem with buying these expensive computers from eBay is when items arrived damaged because of poor packaging, or when they arrive “not as described”.

Instance #1: You buy a MacBook on eBay for $800.00. You pay, and wait for it. And when it arrives, it has been damaged in shipping and the corners of the lid are all bent in. Now you have to contact the buyer, establish where the fault lies, see if they;l accept responsibility, and then if they do, you’ll have to wait for your refund until they receive the item. And even after they receive it, they have an additional 14 days or so before they even actually need to refund your money. So what I’m saying is, you could be waiting for your money for awhile.

Instance #2: Your computer arrives, you open it up, turn it on and it works. But a week later it quits working. You take it to an Apple repair store like UberMac. They open it up and advise you that your computer has liquid or water damage. Now it is up to you to contact the seller. That seller may do one of the following. They may be really cool and allow you to return it for a refund (if they even accept returns), or more than likely what will happen is that they will claim ignorance and say that there is no way that they could have known the computer had internal liquid damage because they don’t open the computers, or the other scenario where they just blame blame you for the damage and refuse any help at all. Now your stuck fighting with the seller through eBay Protection, which is a very time consuming process.

Another reason to buy from UberMac is that you will have a physical location to go to if there does happen top be an issue with your computer. Buying through eBay or Craigslist is always a gamble.

And another great part of the UberMac buying experience is what we said in the beginning of this article. You will never feel and sales pressure. You will never be sold. It is up the the UberMac customer to let one of our team member know that you have a question about a product. Once you request assistance, we do our very best to not only coach you into buying the right computer for your needs, but use our reputation of honesty and integrity to maybe even send you to the Apple Store to make your purchase. We don’t mind losing a sale, we only care about our customer and that they are being taken care of and informed in the best possible way by our Apple Certified Technicians.

Come check us out, or give us a call with any questions.