ubermac previous recipients mac mail remove

In the past in Mac Mail, if a recipient populated, there was a little trick you could perform. And that was to add the old email address to the “To” field, and then click the little arrow next to it and choose “Remove From Previous Recipients List”.

Since Updating to OS X El Capitan 10.11, and then to MacOS Sierra 10.12, I had been noticing that it didn’t seem that option appeared anymore.

So I went to do a google search and the first few answers said got do exactly what I said to do above. But I know I didn’t see that option. So A little more digging and I found an even better, fool proof way to completely remove previous recipients. Read below for that process.

  1. First and foremost, you may want to go to that person’s Contact Card in your address book and make sure to remove or delete the old email addresses that you no longer want to show up.
  2. search your address book to make sure that the address in question isn’t in a random contact card as well.
  3. Open Mac Mail and choose “Window>Previous Recipients”.
  4. Search for the name or email address that keeps showing up and delete them from here.

That should do it. And if you need further help, contact us here. Hope this helped.