Apple Specialist repair UberMac

Here’s why Why Visiting an Apple Specialized Store Is Better Than Visiting Those “iFix” Places. For the last 7 years, UberMac has been one of the only, (if not THE only), Apple Specialized device repair companies that we know of that focuses ONLY on support and repair of Apple products. Meaning, Ubermac does not repair Android phones or tablets, game consoles, TV’s or Windows based PC computers. We only focus on Apple products. That not only sets Ubermac apart from all of those other “iFix” places, but it makes UberMac stores and their Apple Certified technicians the best at what they do.

UberMac started as back in 2010. We were one of the very first iPhone repair companies in South Florida at that time, and business started to boom. At that time, there was one other iPhone repair company any where in the area and they were all the way down in Lake Park. This was back in the day when there was no competition. iPhoneFix were the only guys around performing iPhone repairs. That meant there was no price matching. No competition means “name your own price based on demand”, but we always kept it fair.

As the years passed, and companies like Samsung began to develop and sell their smart phones, there became a need for repairs to those phones as well, and since our customers asked, we started performing those repairs.

But not long after performing those first few repairs, we realized something. We didn’t really like repairing these devices.

So we said, hey, why not support and repair only Apple products and devices and become one of the only Apple Specialized stores in South Florida. This will help us to become the best technicians ion the business. In our view, it’s the difference between a mechanic that only works on German manufactured cars, and a mechanic that will work on every car made. The mechanic that works on German cars would hypothetically be better and faster at his job because he knows just a few certain cars inside and out, whereas the other mechanic would be constantly battling different problems. He would need to research how to repair all of those different makes of cars on a fairly constant basis.

And because UberMac technicians have adopted the “german mechanic” scenario above, we almost always know of recurring issues, or we might know the best way to go to troubleshoot a customer’s issue right out of the gate, because we had seen that issue many times before.

So that is the story behind the reason that UberMac will only repair Apple products. We hope our customers can appreciate why as much as we do.